To provide every student with:

  • a positive movement experience in a non-intimidating environment.
  • the opportunity to develop the movement skills, desire, and knowledge associated with the pursuit of lifetime health and fitness.
  • a positive social outlet which incorporates teamwork, cooperation, good sportsmanship, integrity, persistence, acceptance, encouragement, and motivation.
  • the opportunity to learn how to set reasonable and realistic goals, to measure and record personal progress toward those goals, and to celebrate personal, peer, and whole team accomplishments.
  • a safe environment (physically and emotionally) in which students feel free to move, explore, and play freely.

CampPLAY is everything a day camp should be – FUN, empowering, full of vigorous PLAY, and a place where EVERY body feels like a WINNER! No matter what your body type, physical prowess, or coordination level – at CampPLAY every single player feels accepted, successful, and confident!

Experience the power of positive, purposeful PLAY as fitness is improved through FUN, self-empowerment is achieved through success, and life skills are learned through cooperation, teamwork, motivation, respect for self and others, perseverance, trust, and integrity. To bring out the best player in your child, sign up for CampPLAY today!

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At Camp Play the emphasis is on creating a safe environment – emotionally and physically first, then introducing competition after the students have learned to support, encourage, and motivate each other. Treating others with respect, winning and losing with dignity, sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation are all ideas that must be taught. Kids do not automatically just “know” the correct way to behave on the field.

Competition is a big part of any physical education program and is an essential component of Camp Play and Tandalay’s curriculum. At Camp Play, we de-emphasize competition in order to focus on the more important aspects of participation, such as learning how to be a team-player, treating others with kindness, courtesy and respect, and putting forth your own best effort at all times. The emphasis is on being the BEST player and the best PERSON that you can be.

Competition is absolutely essential to the physical education experience, and kids will add competition naturally to every activity presented. Competition stimulates adrenaline production, which has been shown to increase learning. Vigorous activity is also associated with increased learning. With vigorous activity motivated by a safe, yet competitive environment, kids will become better learners and better citizens. Developmentally, children are not ready for competition and strategy until around age 10. At Tandalay we work on improving basic motor skills, then progress to lead-up mini-games in grades 3-5, with more competition and round-robin style tournaments in grades 6-8.

Camp Play's program includes the traditional sports units, including basketball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, and track and field – then goes beyond to provide non-tradition activity units as well. We encourage you to begin with units using Fluffilos, and less competitive activities to establish the principles of good sportsmanship and to create an emotionally and physically safe environment. This will allow students who are less confident, less skilled, and less fit to realize that they are not going to be embarrassed or ridiculed. This environment will not happen naturally – it must be taught and revisited frequently. Once all students have experienced the fun and success associated with this new approach and environment, they will feel more confident when getting into the more traditional sports activities.

With Tandalay you can continue to use your existing program and supplement it with our activities, or you can follow our ready-to-go lesson plans. Flexibility and simplicity of implementation are essential for a successful program. Tandalay provides you with the tools you need – wherever you are with your teaching experience. Whether you pick and choose your favorites, or follow verbatim, you will add fun and excitement to your PE program through Tandalay’s thousands of activity opportunities.

Camp Play's emphasis on FUN and PLAY helps you meet all of your state standards! If kids are MOVING actively and having FUN, all of the standards are being met. By moving vigorously and participating in a variety of activities, kids will become better movers – meeting all standards for improved skill development. If players are interacting through cooperative games, sports activities, or even simple movement drills, they are learning to work together and improve personal and social behavior. If they are having FUN, they will embrace movement, fitness and health for a lifetime!

Physical Education class is not just a training ground for athletes. ALL students need to feel successful and have FUN during PE. A good quality program will bring out the fitness athlete in all of us, and challenge each of us to find our inner mover. Physical Education classes need to teach the basic fundamentals needed for sports so that kids feel confident enough to go out for sports.  Physical Education classes need to teach the principles of fitness training so that our kids know how important movement is for a long and healthy life. Physical Education classes, more than anything need to be FUN, exciting, and a place to just let go and PLAY!

Camp Play brings all of this to the field, while providing equipment solutions, and thousands of no-prep needed, no set-up needed, ready-to-play, easy-to-follow, fun-for-all games and activities. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss another day of PLAY with Tandalay!